Why IKLAS IAS ACADEMY’s TNPSC Group II/IIA Mains Test Series?

  • Our test series is a real simulation of TNPSC Group II/IIA Mains exam.
  • Our test series covers the entire syllabus.

What is the process of our test series?

  • Our Test series is Online based.
  • Question Booklet access will be given in LMS dashboard.
  • Foundational Tests as well as Unit Wise Tests will be conducted to provide performance analysis of the aspirants and improve their competency.
  • Students will have to write the answers in the mentioned time period and update the scanned answer booklet in LMS dashboard.

  Evaluation Methodology

  • Evaluation process focuses on assessing the answers on three dimensions – Concepts, Structure, and Time Management.
  • Answer sheet specific workable comments will be provided to aspirants.

    Why One to One Feedback after Evaluation?

  • Experienced Faculty will be assigned to each aspirant for personal mentorship.
  • One to One feedback will be given through Zoom or Phone call.
  • Our strategy is to constantly innovate to keep the preparation process dynamic and give personalized attention to individual aspirants based on factors like concept clarity, availability of time, resource and the latest requirement of TNPSC Exam.
  • For More Information: Whatsapp # 9840686562 | Email: [email protected]